Restyling Products

ReStyling Concepts is an industry leader in the Automotive Aftermarket; therefore we only work with other leaders. We are certified installers of Katzkzin, Webasto, Razzi, Audiovox, and Myron & Davis. Never heard of them? Don't worry, outside our industry their names may not be known, but their products are.


Katzkin Leather Seats & Interiors

Elegant, sporty, sophisticated, cool, edgy; these are just some of the reasons we install Katzkin leather products. ReStyling Concepts Inc. is an authorized Katzkin installation center

Webasto Sunroofs

Webasto Sunroofs

ReStyling Concepts Inc. is an authorized Webasto installation center. We install Webasto sunroofs, moonroofs, and heated seat kits.

Audiovox Mobile Video

Audiovox Mobile Video Solutions

Mobile Video Infinite Positions. Infinite Places. Infinite Possibilities. Portable DVD Players from Audiovox.

Razzi Body Kits & Car Spoilers

Razzi Body Kits & Car Spoilers

Outstanding Style and Quality since 1996 from a company you can trust, ReStyle your automobile with Factory Style or Custom Spoilers from Razzi as well as aggressive Car Wings. Ground Effects Kits that fit onto your existing bumpers and fascia. Ground Effects & Body Kits.

Yes, Razzi does make the very best body ground effects kits both in quality and overall looks that you can buy from any manufacturer. This is why we highly recommend their body ground effects kit and we are proud to be an retailer of Razzi products

Myron & Davis

Myron & Davis

Mobile Video Infinite Positions. Infinite Places. Infinite Possibilities. Portable DVD Players from Myron & Davis.

Other Products

We install more than just leather seats, sunroofs, vinyl tops, ground effects body kits, and mobile video players. We also install custom chrome accessories and heated seat kits for those bone chilling winter days. Call us at (815) 729-1819 for more information about all our restyling services or Email us any questions you may have about how we may help you restyle your current ride.

Katzkin Leather Upholstery

Elegant, sporty, sophisticated, cool, edgy: how are you going to restyle your ride?

  • Premium Interiors
  • Custom Interiors
  • Limited Edition

Katzkin Leather gives you the freedom to take your vehicle's interior in any direction, and leave boring way behind. Preview the sections below to familiarize yourself your options. Then click on Interior Selector to find the perfect style for your automobile.

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