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The interior of your car shows the wear and tear of the years just like the outside. Reupholstering your leather seats can be a great way to give your car a shiny and new look.

Don't want to purchase a new car? Re-imagine your current ride! Make your car the envy of the neighborhood with ReStyling Concepts. A fully customized leather interior can make all the difference. Have young kids constantly asking if you're there yet? Entertain them with any one of our mobile television options, and they won't ask again. Make your Cadillac stand out from the pack with a classic cloth, full vinyl top and gold package, both the very definition of luxury. Sick of seeing cars on the street that look just like yours? ReStyle your current vehicle with a ground effects kit complete with a spoiler wing; you'll never lose your car in a parking lot again.

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Custom Auto Leather Interiors by Katzkin

The quality of Katzkin interiors is unmatched, rivaling the look, feel, and durability of even the finest interiors offered by the auto manufacturers. Superior craftsmanship, world-class engineering, and extraordinary design capabilities have made Katzkin the world leader in automotive interiors. Exercise your freedom of choice.

Katzkin Leather Upholstery

Elegant, sporty, sophisticated, cool, edgy: how are you going to restyle your ride?

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Katzkin Leather gives you the freedom to take your vehicle's interior in any direction, and leave boring way behind. Preview the sections below to familiarize yourself your options. Then click on Interior Selector to find the perfect style for your automobile.

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